About me

I'm Daniel Matos, from Porto de Mós, 🇵🇹

I'm currently studying at Instituto Superior Técnico, taking a Master's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering with a major in Cybersecurity and Distributed Systems
At the moment, I'm in my 2nd year, where I'm taking my thesis in Cybersecurity, related with automatic vulnerability exploitation for WASM code

I'm also a CTF Player at STT

I've been a Linux enthusiast since 2015 and I'm an apologist of FLOSS

EducationInstituto Superior Técnico
  • MSc Computer Science and Engineering (2020-present)
  • BSc Computer Science and Engineering (2017-2020)

    I was in the school's Merit Board in the 3 years I was taking classes as a bachelor's student
    In a project during the Software Engineering course, my group won (along with another one, an exception) the Novabase Merit Award in Software Engineering in 2020, with the project QuizzesTutor

ExperienceSchool Monitor (2020-present)

During the school year of 2020/21, I enrolled and was then selected to teach the Bachelor's course Distributed Systems where I lectured lab classes
It was a very nice experience, specially the engagement with the students (besides having remote classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic), so I enrolled again for this year and was selected to teach Distributed Systems again and also the Operating Systems course (both are Bachelor's courses)

STT (2019-present)

I enrolled in this team from my college to learn more about security - Mission Accomplished!
I'm learning a lot with this team and I discovered I'm good at solving PWN and Reverse challenges 😎
I play CTF's very regularly trying to help the team go higher in the CTFTime rating


I have programmed with multiple languages, from PHP to C/C++ to Java and even Rust recently (which I greatly prefer over C++ or C), I just don't like frontend development 😅
I have worked with some DBMS (namely Postgres and MySQL) and have some experience with Docker and Vagrant
Some of the frameworks I'm most used to work are gRPC and Flask


In my free time, besides working on my personal programming projects, I like to play my guitar and to Mountain Bike
I'm also a music addicted (mostly 70's to 90's music and metal \m/), probably I'm listening to Lamb of God right now